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Amateur Radio Technician License Course 2022 – 2026

Lesson 1 Part 1

I am pleased to present the updated version of my video.

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  1. liz tuttle

    i really have learned from your interesting technician video courses. i completed the lesson 1 part 5. i find memorization the frequencies and math very difficult. i have taken on line practice tests and average around 50 percent correct .. i do have the older book from arrl called now you are talking, and also joined arrl too. i studied for my ham radio license before and now i am trying for the the ham license again. unfortunately the same road blocks exists. i keep reading how easy it is to pass, and even children age 12 ace all three exams at one go. i ham very discouraged. i have no support system and have limited funds so i rely on the free stuff on the internet. as soon as i find the next step in your video course, i will resume again. you explain everything so well, it makes sense, as well as very interesting. i like to have the understanding, and not just memorization. my goal someday i hope is to get my general . i have been interested in being a ham for along time. i started with shortwave radio when i was a child, and still love radio. thank you

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