In this lesson, we cover subelement T1. We will learn about FCC Rules, descriptions, and definitions for the Amateur Radio Service, operator and station license responsibilities. From this supplement, there will be six questions on your exam.

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T1A – Amateur Radio Service: purpose and permissible use of the Amateur Radio Service, operator/primary station license grant; Meanings of basic terms used in FCC rules; Interference; RACES rules; Phonetics; Frequency Coordinator

T1B – Authorized frequencies: frequency allocations; ITU; emission modes; restricted sub-bands; spectrum sharing; transmissions near band edges; contacting the International Space Station; power output 

T1C – Operator licensing: operator classes; sequential and vanity call sign systems; international communications; reciprocal operation; places where the Amateur Radio Service is regulated by the FCC; name and address on FCC license database; license term; renewal; grace period

T1D – Authorized and prohibited transmission: communications with other countries; music; exchange of information with other services; indecent language; compensation for use of station; retransmission of other amateur signals; codes and ciphers; sale of equipment; unidentified transmissions; one-way transmission

T1E – Control operator and control types: control operator required; eligibility; designation of control operator; privileges and duties; control point; local, automatic and remote control; location of control operator 

T1F – Station identification; repeaters; third-party communications; club stations; FCC inspection